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We want to promote the best written articles on Metakgp by featuring them on the main page. This allows users to find the best content quickly, as well as incentivises writers to reach a higher quality bar.

Prerequisites[edit source]

  • The article should be reasonably detailed and complete, with no outstanding issues or major editing required.
  • It should have a few pictures, including at least one large picture for displaying on the main page.

Getting an article featured[edit source]

You can ask to get an article featured by making an edit to this page's Talk page. One of the admins will usually respond to your request within a few hours. The Main Page is one of the few pages that is protected from edits by anyone, as it is a prime target for vandalism.

Candidates[edit source]

  • Robotics: Needs additional sources and verification (see tags on page).

Articles featured in past[edit source]