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Welcome to IIT Kharagpur! Here's some friendly advice on how to get settled in quickly and comfortably.

Registration[edit | edit source]

The registration process in previous years required physical presence of the student on registration days, resulting in long queues for fee payment and verification. With the integration of an online payment gateway with the ERP, fee payment and the registration process can now be completed online and there are no more queues.

Registration is defined as formal enrollment in the academic subjects of the semester. Only after registration does the name of the student appear in the list of students of the subject instructor. It is enabled after the fee payment process is completed.

Additional subjects and micro-specialization must be indicated during registration process. Freshers can ignore this section as the semester subjects are fixed in the first year.

After the registration is submitted, it will be digitally signed by your faculty advisor. This is indicated in the Student Academic Activities (UG) section in ERP on the right-hand corner of the screen. Once this is done, a duly signed printout of this sheet must be submitted to the faculty advisor before the dates given in the timeline. This formally completes the registration process.

Registration must be completed within 10 days of commencement of classes.

Packing Guide[edit | edit source]

If you are confused about packing and what can you bring, a list has been created here. The list has many items that you may be using during your stay.

Smart card and medical booklet[edit | edit source]

The smart card of a student is the formal proof of studentship at IIT Kharagpur (can be used as a photo identity proof) and also serves as the library card when issuing books from the library. It will be issued to all the students shortly after they are admitted and the document verification (12th Marksheet, JEE Admit Card etc.,) is completed.

In case of loss of the smart card, an FIR must be lodged at the nearest police station, and there is a re-issuance fee of Rs. 1000/- for lost card. A copy of the FIR is required for re-issuance of a lost smart card.

To avail of medical facilities from BC Roy Technology Hospital, a medical card is required. This card is issued through the halls of residence. It requires a passport size photograph pasted on the top, and the card must be signed and stamped by the warden of that hall. The card must be presented while seeking appointment and consulting doctors and collecting medicines from the pharmacy at the hospital.

WiFi and LAN[edit | edit source]

See also: Institute Proxies and DC

IIT Kharagpur has an extensive network of WiFi routers throughout the campus and halls of residence. Connecting to the WiFi routers require a password to connect to the secured SSID WiFi. The password can be set individually by students on their ERP. There are multiple WiFi access points like Campus, Academic, Student, Guest etc and any network could be connected to.

The LAN network has DHCP Support, so IPs are dynamically allocated to a connected device upon connection, no static configuration is required. After successful proxy configuration, the Internet can be accessed.

Note that connecting to the DC network through WiFi is banned, so LAN must be used to download and share content locally.

OneDrive: Cloud Storage[edit | edit source]

IIT Kharagpur students are allotted 1TB of cloud storage in one drive, one can access it by signing up here using your Institute email address,

Note that this email is only available as long as your institute email address is activated (till graduation.).

Important facebook pages/groups[edit | edit source]

If you don't have a Facebook account or want to see updates from all these pages at one place you can use Naarad.

Mobile phone[edit | edit source]

Airtel and Vodafone seem to be the most preferred networks on campus. During admission time, most of the stores offer SIM cards but it is recommended that the student and their parents go through the various plans and data packs available in West Bengal Circle (note that this is different from the Kolkata telecom circle) from the respective cellular network website so they can make an informed decision and are aware of the various benefits of each one.

For residential address proof, the student must get a proof of address letter signed by the hall warden, the format of the letter is available from the respective hall office. This is required as a local address proof.

Usage policy[edit | edit source]

Lectures[edit | edit source]

Policies around using mobile phones in classrooms are set by the course instructor. Generally, mobile phones are permissible in lecture halls during regular classes, provided they are in silent mode. Using mobile phones as in browsing or gaming during lectures is frowned upon and will attract the wrath of the instructor and may lead to expulsion from the lecture hall. Restrictions regarding the usage of mobile phones inside the lecture hall will generally be clarified by the instructor along with other course-related information in the first lecture of every course. The instructor's policy is final and binding in this regard.

Examination[edit | edit source]

During semester examinations, mobile phones are strictly banned and if brought into the examination hall, must be handed over to the invigilators at the beginning of the examination and collected afterward. Use of mobiles during examinations is considered Unfair Means and will lead to disciplinary action by the Disciplinary Committee. There have been some cases in the past in which students mistakenly kept mobile with them and later on the invigilators found out and then the student was de-registered from the subject. So, remember not to keep the phone with you in exams.

Hall and roommates[edit | edit source]

From 2014 onward, first year students have been exclusively allotted to a single hall of residence. In 2014 and 2015, male students were allotted Lal Bahadur Shastri Hall of Residence while female students were allotted Mother Teresa Hall of Residence. In 2015, however, girls were allotted Sarojini Naidu / Indira Gandhi Hall of Residence.

Since LBS has triple occupancy rooms, all first years had to register in groups of three for one room. Though in 2015 the students were allotted rooms with their own department mates.

However, from 2016, the room allocation was reverted to allocating rooms in different halls, with the majority of male students (around 700) being alloted Lal Bahadur Shastri Hall of Residence while the remaining male students were distributed to other halls. The same pattern of hall allotment followed in 2017 as well.

As of 2018-19, undergraduate girls are in allocated one of the following Halls: Sarojini Naidu/Indira Gandhi Hall of Residence, Mother Teresa Hall of Residence and Sister Nivedita Hall of Residence. Boys are alloted one of the following in their first year: Lal Bahadur Shastri Hall of Residence, Madan Mohan malviya Hall of Residence, Rajendra Prasad Hall of Residence, Radhakrishnan Hall of Residence, Azad Hall of Residence, Patel Hall of Residence and Nehru Hall of Residence.

Bicycle and other useful things[edit | edit source]

Bicycle stalls are put up around the Tech Market area from where they can be bought easily. The sellers bargain after the parents leave and the dust settles, so make the most out of it. There will be a variety of cycles ranging from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 6000. There is not much need to buy a higher end bicycle with gears and stuff. You can also get a used bicycle from Tech Market or from Cycle Shed owners with price ranging from Rs. 1300 to Rs. 2500. The bicycles with thin tires are easy to maintain, cheaper and easier to ride. Since campus has excellent roads, so there is no need to purchase bicycle with shockers and shock absorbers. One of the best bicycle to purchase is Btwin My Bike White, however, you can only get it from Decathlon Stores or online purchase from or other online retailers like Snapdeal and Amazon. The price of the bike is around Rs. 4,500, the bike has excellent build quality and comes with a lifetime warranty. There are abundant cycle sheds in every hall and cheap cycle repairing shops in every hall.

One more thing to note is 'Simpler the design of cycle, the better it is.

The bed and pillow will also be available at the Tech Market. You can also find some temporary shops near MMM hall for beds and all There are a variety of beds ranging from the synthetic one to the wool ones. Though it would be advisable to bring bed and pillow sheets from home. You can also buy hangers, hanging clips, and hanging strings from the Tech Market. Though unfortunately, some items like clothes and sports equipment aren't that up to the mark so its advisable to bring it from home. Other consumables like toothpaste, soap, etc of all recognized brands are available. There is a Big Bazaar outlet and also Gole Bazaar for an even wider variety of options.

Mess and food[edit | edit source]

The mess serves 4 meals i.e. breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Breakfast and snacks are the nice meals and it would be advisable not to miss those. For dinner, there are a lot of canteens available and some hotels too. A list of all the eateries can be found . Delivery is available, although students MUST go to the front gate of their hall, as vendors are not allowed inside the blocks in any of the Halls of Residences. Although it won't be wise for students to form a preconceived notion regarding mess food and should try them out for sure.

Academics and classes[edit | edit source]

First year lecture classes are held in Vikramshila complex, Nalanda complex and a few in the Main Building. Academics have a high amount of weight-age so it would be advisable to take it seriously. There is a CGPA criteria for a lot of things in campus.

Question Papers[edit | edit source]

You can find previous year question papers here: Do sign up in for study materials, ppts and question papers. Study material on google drive:

For Mechanical engineering students ONLY, visit for course materials and books.

Department Change[edit | edit source]

Department Change application starts in the second semester. After filling the options list on the ERP, the student must submit a signed hard-copy of the application at the Academic (UG) section, on the third floor of the Main Building. Department Change list was released one week after classes commenced in the Autumn semester of 2014, whereas in the year 2015, it was released a few days before the classes commenced in the Autumn semester.

UG Curriculum[edit | edit source]

The curriculum for a first-year B.Tech student is typically spread across 2 semesters, as shown below. During the first semester, half of the students will be having Physics semester and the other half will be having Chemistry semester.And in the second semester, these will be reversed i.e. those who previously had Physics semester will now be having Chemistry semester and vice-versa.

Courses LTP Credit Semester
MA10001: Mathematics-I 3-1-0 4 1st semester
EE11001: Electrical Technology 3-1-0 4 Chemistry semester
PH11001: Physics 3-1-0 4 Physics semester
EE19001: Electrical Technology Lab 0-0-3 2 Chemistry semester
CE13001: Engineering Drawing And Computer Graphics 1-0-3 3 Physics semester
MA10002: Mathematics-Ii 3-1-0 4 2nd semester
CS19001: Programming And Data Structure Lab. 0-0-3 3 Physics semester
PH19001: Physics Lab 0-0-3 2 Physics semester
ME19001: Introduction To Manufacturing Processes 0-0-3 2 Chemistry semester
CY11001: Chemistry 3-1-0 4 Chemistry semester
CS11001: Programming And Data Structure 3-1-0 3 Physics semester
ME10001: Mechanics 3-1-0 4 Physics semester
CY19001: Chemistry Lab 0-0-3 2 Chemistry semester
HS13001: English For Communication 3-0-2 4 Chemistry semester
Extra Academic Activities 0-0-3 0 Both semesters

Clubs and societies[edit | edit source]

Clubs and Societies form an integral part of the life at IIT Kharagpur. They usually held their interviews in the beginning of the semester except for a few. The posters for the interviews would be put up on the mess and around the hall. The intro seminars for the same are also held to give an idea of what the society does. Societies and Clubs allow you to explore your interests and if you don't find any to suit your interest, you can open a new one yourself by contacting the Technology Students' Gymkhana.

Technical Activities[edit | edit source]

IIT Kharagpur provides students ample opportunities to engage in technical activities. Students can join a student run research group, selection for these organizations usually happen in the spring semester. You can also approach a professor asking them for a project in their area of interest. You can search professors by their area of interest using MCMP. You can find when a particular professor is free by using WIMPStudents can also participate in various workshops, hackathons and contests held throughout the year.

Sports and Games[edit | edit source]

Health and Hospital[edit | edit source]

E-commerce and courier[edit | edit source]

All the major E-commerce companies and courier services deliver your order inside the campus. However they are not allowed inside the hall premises and you must collect it from your hall gate or a nearby location. Usually the delivery-guy waits in case till evening at various parts of the campus.